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Text 22 Dec King Kong Sushi at Broadway


King Kong Sushi has always been one of my favorite places to get sushi at in Myrtle Beach. I eat there at least once a week for lunch, and you can’t beat their lunch specials and prices. You can choose from 4 or 5 different options during lunch, such as choose 2 rolls, soup and salad or 1 roll soup, etc. My personal favorite is choose 2 maki rolls, clear soup, and salad, and is $10.00. I always substitute my clear soup for Miso Soup though, and doing so will not charge you anything. 

Linked below is their regular menu, the lunch specials are not featured on here.

I know you might think all Miso Soup tastes the same, but it does not. King Kong’s Miso is one of my favorite on the Grand Strand. It always comes out very hot, but when you drink it, it is the perfect temperature. Their Miso Soup also includes Tofu, which I’m a huge fan of. Tofu used right can make a dish taste so much more divine. 


Next is the salad that you get. The salad dressing is a ginger dressing, over a house salad. The ginger dressing is tangy, sweet, and absolutely delicious. It’s the perfect topper to any salad. 


Finally, the sushi. Sushi is in my top 5 favorite things to eat, and I’m extremely judging when it comes to eating at a new sushi place. King Kong gives you more than enough with just one roll. Their sushi is always the right size, shape, and perfect little morsels for your mouth. A lot of sushi restaurants will only give you 6 slices from a roll, King Kong gives you 8. Not to mention all the choices of sushi they have, I’m pretty sure there’s over 100 choices. My favorite sushi is always a tuna roll, so it’s always my go-to when I get lunch somewhere, and that’s what is pictured below. 


King Kong is definitely a worthy place to get lunch at. It’s cheap and delicious. You will get a very filling lunch that won’t break your wallet. The link to the UrbanSpoon reviews will be posted below !

Also, on a side note for my fellow drinkers on Friday and Saturdays from 10-12, King Kong does “Kong Hour”. They offer $2.00 well drinks. 

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