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Thanks to a very close friend of mine who showed me this a few years ago, Yamato’s is by far one of my favorite places to get sushi happy hour in Myrtle Beach. For those who don’t know Yamato’s is located in Broadway at the Beach. They are a hibachi style restaurant that cooks in front of you, except a little known fact is they have one the best happy hours in Myrtle Beach. They open at 4:30 pm and Happy Hour is until 7. On the Happy Hour menu they feature an assortment of sushi. Sushi with an asterisk beside it is 30% off on happy hour. They also have a good selection of beer and wine during happy hour with various prices. 

This visit I got the Miso Soup (it’s only $1.50). I love their Miso Soup here because each time I go it’s never the same as before. Their ingredients are so fresh and wonderful, so you don’t get tired of eating the same thing over and over. 


My date and I ordered 4 rolls together. We had white tuna and scallions roll, tuna roll, salmon and scallions roll, and a california roll. I love their sushi here so much because it’s delicious and perfectly portioned. I also love the sushi chefs will remember who you are after a while. It’s just a great atmosphere to be in. 


Lastly, I want to talk about their Plum WIne. I love wine and will try any kind of wine someone could give me. Their Plum Wine is by far one of the best wines I have ever had. It’s fruit and tart at the same time, but so delicious. The best part is during happy hour it’s only $3.00 a glass. 


The best part about their Happy Hour is the price. Our meal together was only $23.00. This is definitely one of the best places to get Happy Hour in Myrtle Beach. 

Don’t forget if you have somewhere you want me to try, send me a suggestion!

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