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Text 17 Jan El Cerro-Lunch/Dinner Part 2

Now onto the 2nd part of my dining experience with El Cerro. This is the entree portion and most of their entree portions are priced very well, and extremely budget friendly. 

This trip I chose the chicken fajitas and I added cheese to the dish. The portions you get from this are just amazing. You get three tortilla shells with it, but the large portion of filler you get is just astounding. The filler of the fajitas is so great. The right amount of chicken and vegetables, and of course cheese. 





Also, most of the dishes are served with a side. When I say you get a lot of food, I’m not kidding. I was almost too full from my fajitas alone to even try the sides. You get rice and a choice of beans, along with lettuce, tomatoes and guacamole. 


El Cerro Grande is one of the best places to dine in Myrtle Beach, and with many locations you can’t miss out. It is very budget friendly and with so much food. I highly recommend trying El Cerro. 

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