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Text 2 Feb The Guide to a Cheap Night at Broadway’s Bar District

I’ve had a ton of people request that I do this post, so here it goes. 

Broadway’s Bar District in Myrtle Beach can scare some people because they get afraid that the drinks are going to be super expensive. There are a lot of places where the drinks are expensive, but a lot of bars also have a lot of deals that are going on constantly. I won’t be posting pictures to this blog because of space reasons. Only one place I will be suggesting has a cover, and if you’re a local you get in free. 

I will start off with one place that has time specific specials, but after that everything is in no particular order. Most of the places listed are best to go on a Friday or Saturday night.

The best place to start is King Kong Sushi, from 10 pm to 12 they offer $2.00 house vodkas on Friday and Saturday. For those who don’t know it’s located on the other side of Wet Willies in front of the Froyoz. King Kong is a wonderful atmosphere to start off your night. It’s usually packed with the local crowd and a local DJ. 

Another great place is Broadway Louie’s. They offer $6.00 pitchers of beer. Louie’s is a great place to go with your friends, especially if someone in your group sings. It’s a Karaoke Bar/Arcade and they do several singing competitions throughout the year that feature the best singers in Myrtle Beach. If you’re lucky you might catch one, and it’s a real treat. 

If you really love to dance and love martinis, Revolutions is the best place. There is a cover here, unless you’re local. They offer a select few martinis for $5.00 on Friday and Saturday nights in their upstairs Martini Bar. This used the be the “Z Bar” that was at Blarney Stones before it closed down. 

If you plan on having a really great night there are two places to get super cheap shots. 

Fat Tuesday’s offers a few shots, including Jello Shots for $1.00. Fat’s is a great place to go, especially in the summer. You can sit outside and usually there’s a ton of locals there. 

Wet Willie’s offers $3.00 shots of Patron. Usually in the summer, they have a live band on the back deck over-looking the pond. There’s tons of seating outside too, so you won’t have to look and look for a seat. 

This is what I have found to be the cheapest at Broadway’s bar district. However, if you aren’t from Myrtle Beach I suggest following this model, but also checking out all the bars for yourself. 

There will be multiple Urban Spoon links below for all the bars mentioned above. 

Don’t forget if you have anywhere you want me to try, just ask ! Upcoming food blogs this month will be for King David’s and R&R Grill.

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