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Crabby Mike’s Calabash Seafood Co. located in Surfside Beach is by far one of the best ALYCA (all you care to eat) seafood buffets. They feature a huge 120 item seafood buffet and for those who don’t want a buffet they also have a small entree menu. This post is solely about the buffet though, so let’s begin. 

First you start off your meal with hush puppies and plates for the salad/raw bar. They have every topping for your salad you can imagine. The raw bar features shrimp, raw oysters, and tons of other choices. These two bars also feature 4 different soups you can choose from. Ok, back to the hush puppies. I think I have discussed these before in an earlier blog, but for those who haven’t read it or don’t know. Hush puppies are basically fried balls of dough. CM’s hush puppies are to die for. They are so delicious. CM’s also has daily drink specials. The day I went the the special was a Tidal Wave. It was delicious. 

Yum !! 

Once you come back from the raw bar you will have plates for the hot bars. There are 5 total hot bars, featuring anything from fried shrimp to macaroni, and of course the crab legs and prime rib. Everything tastes delicious and with so much food, you need to pace yourself. The craw fish are one of my favorite here. They are so spicy and delicious. The prime rib and crab legs are cooked to perfection. Everything here is delicious. 

Look at all the great food ! 

Finally, I have to mention the desserts. They have cakes made fresh daily, cookies, pies, brownies, cobblers, fruit and an ice cream machine with a sundae bar. It’s just a magnificent experience. I had a brownie, pecan pie, and peanut butter pie. They were all so delicious and tasted like they would have come out of my grandmothers kitchen. 

Crabby Mike’s is a great place to go for a buffet. It’s priced well and with so much food, it’s a must in Myrtle Beach.

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